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  • The cost to neuter a cat will vary based on your location, where you choose to have your cat’s surgery done, and your cat’s overall health history
  • The average cost to have your cat neutered at a traditional veterinarian’s office is around $200, while clinics and shelters may do the procedure for between $35 and $100
  • Pet insurance is unlikely to cover the cost of neutering your cat, but you may be able to buy a wellness plan that will

Getting your male cat neutered is a routine procedure that many pet owners choose to have done. The benefits of having your cat neutered can include health and temperament improvement, along with eliminating unwanted pregnancies. However, the cost of the procedure can make it difficult for some families to afford.

Unfortunately, pet insurance is unlikely to cover the cost to neuter a cat, but financial assistance options and reduced-cost surgeries are available. Read more below about how much you might expect to pay to have your cat neutered.

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How much does it cost to neuter a cat?

The cost of cat neutering can vary based on a few primary factors, including your location, where you choose to have your cat’s surgery done, and your cat’s overall health. Before we dive into the details, let’s take a look at the price of some standard veterinarian services:

Average Cost of Vet Visits and Common Vet Care
Type of Vet CareAverage Cost
Vet Check Up$50 - $250
Spay or Neuter$160 - $220
Vaccination$15 - $28
Physical Exam$45- $55
Fecal Exam $25 - $45
Heartworm Test$45 - $50
Dental Cleaning$70 - $400
Allergy Testing$195 - $300
Geriatric Screening$85 - $110

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The table above lists spay and neuter procedures as $160 to $220. However, this cost could vary widely.

Your location may change the prices due to rate competition, demand, and the local economy. For example, the average cost to neuter a cat is $122 in Ohio, $169 in West Virginia, and $340 in Illinois. However, these prices may be accompanied by the cost of other services that are associated with your cat’s procedure.

Before your cat is neutered, you will likely have to bring them to the vet’s office for a routine appointment and examination. If your cat is not up-to-date on their vaccinations, you may also need to pay to have these done, which could cost between $15 and $65 per vaccination, depending on the type of vaccination.

If the surgery does not go as planned, you may also end up paying for more treatment after the operation, such as prescription costs. Overall, the average price to neuter a cat at a traditional veterinarian’s office is around $200.

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Can I get financial assistance to neuter my cat?

Many people qualify for financial assistance to get their cat neutered. For example, some states provide vouchers to low-income households. The vouchers reduce the surgery cost and can be used at any veterinarian’s office that accepts them.

If you search for “cat neuter near me,” you are likely to find various low-cost spay and neuter opportunities. One possibility is to contact shelters and rescue organizations in your area. They may provide neutering for between $35 and $100. 

Another option is to attend a mobile spay/neuter clinic. A mobile clinic consists of a group of veterinarians that travel between locations to provide low-cost spaying and neutering to low-income families. It may cost between $40 and $60 to neuter a cat at a mobile clinic.

If you take advantage of a low-cost neuter procedure from a shelter or clinic, you may want to remember that you are unlikely to receive the same level of care as you would at a traditional vet’s office. While the staff will do the surgery correctly, they will likely send your pet home right after without monitoring.

In addition, you may need to provide proof of income or other financial assistance to qualify for the above services.

Should I get my cat neutered?

Getting your cat neutered is beneficial for their health and temperament, plus it can contribute to solving the overpopulation and homelessness issue. According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.2 million cats are entered into shelters each year in the United States. However, getting your cat neutered ensures that they cannot get a female cat in heat pregnant.

How long is a cat in heat? Male cats do not go into heat, so the heat cycle does not affect when you get your cat neutered. However, male cats go into puberty around four to six months, and it may be best to get them fixed before then. (If you’re genuinely interested in how long cats are in heat, female cats are generally in heat for about six days).

Another benefit of having your cat neutered is to avoid health issues, such as testicular cancer. In addition, neutering your cat can help with behavioral problems, such as spraying urine to mark their territory or trying to get outside to find a mate. If your cat is less likely to go out, they are also less likely to get hurt or lost.

Will pet insurance cover the cost to neuter a cat?

Pet insurance is unlikely to cover the cost to neuter a cat because neutering is usually an elective procedure. However, some pet insurance companies sell add-on wellness plans to cover neutering. See below for a list of some companies that provide wellness plans and their prices:

Companies that Provide Add-On Coverage for Spay/Neuter Surgery with Prices
CompanyAdd-On Wellness Plan Rates
ASPCA$9.95 - $24.95
Embrace$18.75, $35.42, $52.09
Pets Best$26.00
Prudent Pet$11.95, $19.95, $29.95
Spot$9.95 - $24.95

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You may not be able to buy the wellness plans above individually. Therefore, you need to have a pet insurance policy before adding the wellness plan to your coverage. However, some companies sell wellness plans only.

A wellness plan is likely to cover the cost of neutering your pet, as well as routine vet visits, examinations, vaccinations, and other preventative services. It may be a good investment in the long run, but if you don’t plan on taking full advantage of the plan, it may be easier to pay to neuter your cat out of pocket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to neuter a cat?

The cost to neuter a cat varies based on location, where the surgery is performed, and the cat’s health. At a traditional veterinarian’s office, it’s around $200. Shelters or clinics may offer it between $35 and $100.

Can I get financial assistance to neuter my cat?

Yes, financial aid is available. States often provide vouchers for low-income households. Shelters, rescue organizations, or mobile clinics may offer neutering between $35 and $100. These options might provide reduced-cost services.

Should I get my cat neutered?

Neutering benefits health, and temperament, and helps control overpopulation. It prevents unwanted pregnancies, reduces health risks, and curbs behavioral issues like territorial marking.

Will pet insurance cover the cost of neutering a cat?

Typically, pet insurance won’t cover neutering as it’s elective. Some offer add-on wellness plans that cover it. Prices vary, but a wellness plan usually covers routine vet visits, vaccinations, and neutering.

How long is a cat in heat?

Female cats are generally in heat for about six days. Male cats don’t go into heat, but it’s best to neuter them before puberty, around four to six months.

What factors affect the cost of neutering a cat?

Location, competition among clinics, additional services like vaccinations, and the cat’s health may impact the cost. Prices vary widely, e.g., $122 in Ohio, $169 in West Virginia, and $340 in Illinois.

How does neutering benefit cats?

Neutering prevents testicular cancer, and behavioral problems like urine marking, and reduces the urge to roam outside, preventing injuries or getting lost.

What are the benefits of a wellness plan?

A wellness plan, often an add-on to pet insurance, covers routine care, vaccinations, and neutering. It may be beneficial if utilized fully.

Why might pet insurance not cover neutering?

Neutering is usually considered an elective procedure by pet insurance companies and, hence not covered under standard plans.

How do I find pet insurance that covers neutering?

Some pet insurance companies offer wellness plans covering neutering. It’s advisable to compare policies and their add-ons to find one suitable for your needs.